America's Next Top Model Winner Lisa D'Amato Seriously Injures Face in Freak Accident

Actress and model posts graphic photos after taking a nasty fall on a movie set

By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 24, 2013 11:56 PMTags
Lisa D'AmatoMichael Buckner/Getty Images

Warning: The photos below are graphic.

Lisa D'Amato, who won America's Next Top Model: All-Stars, has suffered major injuries to her face after a freak accident on the set of a movie in Colorado.

The 32-year-old model-actress posted stomach-churning photos of her injuries, and recovery, on Instagram.

Male models welcome for Top Model's next cycle!

According to D'Amato, she broke her nose in several places and lacerated her lips, forehead and chin.

"We were just kind of monkeying around," she told People, after wrapping production on an indie movie called Cowboys and Indians. D'Amato explained that she was doing a handstand up against a crew member when they suddenly took a nasty fall. D'Amato landed on her face, crushing her nose, and then the crew member fell on top of her, causing more injuries to D'Amato's face.

"It was a totally freak accident," D'Amato says. "It wasn't like we were doing back flips off the balcony."

Fans of Top Model may remember Lisa as the outspoken and outrageous season five contestant who would run around in costumes, masks and wigs. She had a conversation with a bush she named Cousin It.

And she jokes that there may be an upside to her fall. "I didn't have the best nose in the world to begin with. It gave me character," she told People. "Now I have a nice little nose job. I get a super cute nose."

Again, WARNING: The photos below are graphic.

Best wishes for a speedy and thorough recovery!