Angelina Jolie, Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne


Despite all her fame and fortune, Angelina Jolie really is like the rest of us.

"The great thing about having a bunch of kids is they just remind you that you're the person who takes them to go poop," the mother of six tells Total Film.

In fact, the Oscar winner insists she and fiancé Brad Pitt "have a very normal, very grounded home. And we're friends, and we have a laugh with our kids."

And while there's certainly nothing "normal" about a family being constantly photographed, Jolie and Pitt have told their young ones why it happens.

"We just explain to our kids that people like to take pictures of people who make movies. And that's all it is," the 37-year-old actress says. "It's not anything special about mommy and daddy—we just happen to make movies."

When not making potty runs, of course.

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