Suburgatory, Jane Levy

Courtesy of ABC

Saying Suburgatory's Tessa (Jane Levy) and peppy cheerleaders don't mesh well is like saying oil and water kind of don't mix.

Alas, that's exactly what the ABC comedy is giving us in tonight's all-new episode "Chinese Chicken," in which Tessa discovers what it means to be a football player's girlfriend now that she's officially dating Ryan (Parker Young). Naturally, she doesn't like what she learns and soon starts a revolt. (That's our girl!)

Watch our exclusive sneak from tonight's episode to see Tessa's hilarious introduction to Chatwin High's cheerleaders, or as she calls them, the "mindless servants struggling to uphold outdated gender roles"!

The head cheerleader walks Tessa through a day in the life of a cheerleader/football player's girlfriend, which includes the kitchen. "This is where we bake the treats for the goodie bags we give our boyfriends on game day," she explains. "We don't do it for the thank-yous because they don't say thank-you!"

She then is shown the library where the ladies do their boyfriends' homework before the tour ends in the pep rally nerve center, which she astutely points out looks like "a sweat shop."

Suburgatory airs tonight at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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