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By Team WWK Jan 23, 2013 1:55 PMTags

Tonight's the night, American Horror Story: Asylum fans!

Ryan Murphy's FX series' crazy train of a second season's finale is upon us and we've got some scoop on the fate of a fan favorite character in today's Spoiler Chat. Plus, we've also got some scoop on a new romance going down in Beacon Hills when Teen Wolf returns for its third season and juicy teases from Jake Johnson on Nick and Jess' long-awaited hookup on New Girl. Oh, and we've got spoilers on Fox's new hit series The Following, Parks and Recreation, and more...

Deirdre: Parks and Rec, please...Tell me Ben and Leslie will have a wedding this season!
A source tells us on the D.L.: "Don't worry." Hooray! Should we all pitch in for a gift? Maybe a waffle maker?

Phillip in San Diego: Can you offer up any more spoilers on American Horror Story's finale? What happens with Kit?
Tragedy hits Kit hard and fast in the Asylum finale, and the woman he ends up with will definitely surprise you. And yes, the aliens do return to make one final appearance. 

Holly: Any scoop on what's coming up for Derek on Teen Wolf?
When the MTV hit series returns for its third season Derek will be getting…a love interest! And no Sterek fans, it's not Stiles. And it's also not Erica, whom Teen Wolf fans will not be seeing at all in season three, but a new lady in Beacon Hills.

Patty in Long Beach, Calif.: Are Nick and Jess just kissing or going all the way on New Girl? You know I live for Nick-Jess scoop!
We did not know that, but we appreciate the update. We asked Jake Johnson if he had any specifics on the big hookup, but of course, he kept mum. "There's going to be a major development," Johnson coyly reveals. "There writing a lot more for us together for the Nick-Jess story to progress, and it's been really fun to do." Since they didn't give us a straight answer, we're just going to assume that Nick and Jess will get married, have babies and live happily ever after starting in the next episode. Cool? Cool.


Leona:  You guys were right…The Following is badass! I need scoop, please!
Next week's episode will focus mainly on the three folks who made off with Joe and Claire's son, and their backstory is about as messed up as you can get. Prepare for one flashback that will show you just how unglued one of the members of the trio really is. Plus, you think you've seen odd live triangles before? Just you wait…

Debra: Dying for some Nikita scoop!
Fans will be meeting a new Division Agent in episode 16 named Rachel, who is the ringleader of a group of agents that plan to help all the other agents go rogue. When the tough and independent Rachel s confronted by Ryan and Alex, they'll soon learn there's more to her and her plan than they originally thought.

Kyle Q.: Any chance for some Game of Thrones spoilers?
Since humans are more visual creatures, we'll just direct you to this behind-the-scenes featurette that actually shows some new footage from season three instead of just writing about the video. You are welcome.

Daniella: So happy Daniel Gillies joined The Originals! Any more scoop you can give us on The Vampire Diaries spinoff?
In addition to Klaus' former protégé Marcel, two other newbies who will be introduced in the backdoor pilot are witches named Sophie and Davina. Sophie is a strong leader whose magic has been silenced but is planning a revolution of sorts, while the young Davina has been sheltered by overprotective caregivers but has some demons.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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