Last episode, we watched Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) dupe Helen Crowley (Wendy Crewson) into capture and then interrogation—but was she fooled, or did she know it was them all along?

History would point to the latter option.

Also predictable: Conrad (Henry Czerny) decided he was going to run for office—and use the desperate Porter boys as leverage.


Helen Crowley Wants Victoria Dead: After last episode's surprise kidnapping—where Helen and Aiden were captured and gassed, and then interrogated (it turned out that Aiden and Emily were actually behind the whole thing)—Helen Crowley, member of the Americon Initiative, is onto them. And she has what Aiden wants: his sister. But how does Aiden know his sister is actually alive? Well, Helen finally provides the proof in the form of a video depicting her, scared and confused. To get her back, Helen says, Aiden must kill Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) within the next 24 hours. Which is quite the ultimatum, but for a desperate, Victoria-hating Aiden, it sounds like a good deal. 

Padma the Spy: Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) found her way back into Nolan's arms, and he falls for it. At least briefly. She's really just back to Nolcorp to look for a program for—who else?—the Initiative, that will essentially help them on their quest of profitable and swift world domination. But Nolan is too smart to get played like that. She slips up, and he catches onto her. Now the game of payback can begin.

Surprise, We're All in L.A.: When you date a Grayson, things happen quickly. And sure, Emily is not dating Daniel again, but she certainly is leading him on for the sake of her own best interest, so she finds herself swept off her feet in a surprise trip to L.A. that's "more business than pleasure," assures Daniel. He's going to negotiate a new business deal, one his mother wants him to have nothing to do with. So what happens? Victoria shows up, unannounced to do all of the dissuading she possibly can. And to persuade another potential buying, Jason Prosser (Dylan Walsh), to seal his deal. Oh, and Aiden follows Emily without her knowledge, but really he's just there to kill Victoria. So what started off as a secret, spur-of-the-moment trip, quickly turned into a West Coast reunion of sorts. A reunion where everyone kinda wants everyone else dead.

Conrad Confronts the Ryans about Matthew Duncan: Conrad is a jerk with power issues. Since being booted from the top position of "the family business," he's gained great political ambitions. That's right, daddy wants to run for office. But everyone with a Voter I.D. card knows he's a jerk, so it's time for some drastic P.R. Enter Ashley, who is once again back in his life, and crafting a smart move that will get him back on the side of the commoners. Basically, he's going to help the Porters out, and give those evil Ryan's the boot. But to do so, Mr. Duncan (Jonathan Adams) is going to have to pay for the murder he committed years and years ago. The Porter boy's allegiance to their father's friend suddenly wavers.

Victoria Uses Sex to Get What She Wants—or at Least Tries: Victoria followed her son out to the West Coast so that she could get what she wants from Jason Prosser, which was namely his investment in Stonehaven, the firm her son is trying to acquire. After Aiden tells Jason that it's a trap—saying there's a lawsuit at the other end of the purchase agreement—Jason is put off. Put off, that is, until Victoria shows up at his room just as he's about to depart. And this is where things get steamy, the pair is suddenly all glossy eyes and coy face-holding. Jason doesn't want Stonehaven, he says. He wants Victoria. Do what she wants, she adds, and she's his. That interaction is followed by a big wet kiss. But Victoria's love isn't good enough for Jason to get the company, and Daniel's wish comes true: The firm is his. Victoria believes it will lead to the end of his life, or at least that's the threat from Helen Crowley. 

Emily Convinces Aiden to Wait to Kill Victoria on His Own Terms: Just as Aiden has his sites set on Victoria—literally, he is about to pull back the trigger—Emily jolts him to a stop. It's not the right time to kill, she tells him, adding that it can be done later, on their own terms and not at the request of some Dr. Evilish woman holding his sister captive. He complies—but he could pay dearly for the decision. The episode ends with Aiden looking at another video he's been sent, and suddenly he's grief-stricken. His sister, he's led to believe, has been killed. Could it be true?


"Don't you know that politicians tend to keep their concubines in the closet?" –Victoria

"What does it mean when your mom cancels your birthday?" –Charlotte

"I'm not thrilled your lunch date turned into a change of time zones." –Aiden

"Do what I ask, and I'm yours." –Victoria

"You can't let them turn you into their assassin." –Emily

"You selfish little girl."  –Victoria

"Play her like she's playing you." –Emily

"Do you think we'll ever get back to being the people we once were?" –Daniel

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