Saturdays 102

We're only on the second episode of the season, but The Saturdays seem to be settling in nicely in America already. They're shopping, signing autographs, and lounging in their rooftop pool, just like any L.A. celebrity would. Side note: Una can swim really fast!

But a couple of the girls are still having trouble adjusting. Vanessa, for one, can't seem to get her boyfriend Gary on the phone; the two have been playing phone tag all week. Hey, long-distance relationships are hard enough without an eight-hour time difference.

Rochelle's problem is a bit more lighthearted: she's not sleeping all that well thanks to, amorous couple in the apartment next to hers. It's getting to the point where she's wondering if they're shooting a porno in there.

Vanessa has her methods of helping Rochelle out, which involve banging on the wall or yelling "Is anyone have sex on the fourth floor? Really loud sex?" at the top of her lungs in the pool area. That, shockingly, does not work.

Rochelle just learns to accept the noise, but it would probably be easier if she weren't missing her husband, Marvin, quite so much. At least they can Skype. "Oh, I really fancy you actually," she notes upon seeing Marvin's shirtlessness via webcam. "Good job you're my husband."

Vanessa, meanwhile, ends up in tears over her frustration about Gary, but the girls are there for support. Rochelle is ready to crack skulls: "What has someone done to you, and who are they, because I'm about to knock them out," she says.

One unintentionally hilarious quote from Mollie, though, and Vanessa is all cheered up. With that, the girls are ready to shoot their music video for "What About Us," which you can watch right here! You'll appreciate the video even more knowing that they braved heat stroke and bees to shoot it.

Be sure to tune in next week for another all-new episode of Chasing The Saturdays at 10/9c on E!

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