Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

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Jennifer Lawrence big-timed Meryl Streep (or did she?) at the Golden Globes. And Jessica Chastain undeniably charmed. 

Are these little things difference-makers?

A look at where the top Oscar races stand, per the oddsmakers, post-Globes:

Best Actress: The presumptive Oscar front-runners, Lawrence and Chastain, didn't go head-to-head at the Globes.

And even if they had, the Globes are the Globes. You know the drilll: There is no voter crossover between that show and the Academy Awards; nothing that happened last weekend means anything in the greater award-season scheme of things; Lawrence and Chastain are still both at the top of the pack. And yet…

With all that said, Lawrence's reputed First Wives' Club remark ("I beat Meryl!") caught Lindsay Lohan's ear—and if Lohan thought the line sounded wrong, imagine how it played to some of the more temperate members of the Academy. Chastain, by contrast, gave a pitch-perfect acceptance speech. The bottom line for now: Silver Linings' Playbook's Lawrence is still being given the edge, but Zero Dark Thirty's Chastain is gaining on her.

Best Picture:  We love Nikki Finke's theory on that Steven Spielberg "overreach[ed]" by landing Bill Clinton to introduce Lincoln at the Globes. But the oddsmakers are still in love with the stove-pipe hat, and no other film, not even Globes champ Argo, is really close.

Best Actor: Lincoln's Daniel Day-Lewis. Still.

Best Supporting Actor: Clearly, the Hollywood Foreign Press didn't love Lincoln as much as, well, we thought they were going to love Lincoln. But, cheer up, Tommy Lee Jones, you're still expected to do all right with the Academy.

Best Supporting Actress: Les Misérables' Anne Hathaway. Still.

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