Today, Liz Hernandez and Melanie Bromley were all alone in Studio E! (well, unless you count the cardboard cutout of Jason Kennedy). However, Marc Malkin phoned in from Sundance to give us all the deets about the famous film festival!

Our first order of business was Lance Armstrong's anticlimactic doping confession to Oprah during part one of the two-part interview, which aired last night. All in all, it doesn't seem like Armstrong is too terribly sorry about the whole thing. Would you agree or do you think he was just trying to stay composed in front of the cameras?

In other news, a list of all the gifts that Prince William and Kate Middleton received during their 2012 travels was just released today. Watch the replay to find out about some of the strange stuff they acquired. Also, Melanie explains why the prices of the gifts are never published.

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