Tom Cruise, Oblivion

Tom Cruise has seen the future...and it's left him in quite the panic.

A new photo has surfaced from the star's upcoming futuristic thriller Oblivion, which finds Cruise huffing and puffing as he makes a dash for...something. Or is it away from something?

In the pic, the 50-year actor is all suited up as he lands his podlike aircraft, snazzy sci-fi thingamabob gizmo in hand.

Oblivion's sci-fi bent puts Cruise back in Minority Report mode, as he plays some kind of interstellar drone worker sent back to a postapocalyptic and abandoned Earth to do some reconnaissance work.

But, as he quickly discovers, the planet isn't as desolate as it seems after he encounters a group of rogue rebels, led by Morgan Freeman, who've unlocked a secret sinister plot by the honchos Cruise works for.

Get ready to head to Oblivion when the movie opens on April 13.

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