Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift may write songs about her ex-boyfriends, but who knew she was also speaking for her entire generation?

"She's a great girl," says T-Bone Burnett, the legendary producer who collaborated with Tay-Tay on her Hunger Games song "Eyes Open." "She's also got some kind of insight insider something. She said something that I thought was interesting. She said that whoever is writing the new songs is raising the next generation."

Burnett was very impressed.

"I thought it was interesting that she would take on that kind of responsibility," Burnett said. "Not that it was her responsibility but she wasn't going to shake that responsibility. We need more artists like that."

No surprise, but Burnett would love to work with Swift again. "I hope so," he said. "I pray so."

Swift was their first choice for the Hunger Games tune. "It was just the easiest thing in the world," Burnett said. "She seemed like the right voice for the musical voice for Katniss. So she's the first person we contacted really and then we didn't know what we were going to do. It was more, 'Do you want to do something? Let's do something."

Did you see Taylor showing off her sexiness at the People's Choice Awards?

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