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Less than one week until Glee returns. Go on, gleeks, squeal away!

To celebrate the Fox hit's impending return, we've included some juicy scoop on one of the show's heated love triangles in today's Spoiler Chat, along with Parks and Recreation wedding scoop and deets on American Horror Story's season two finale. Plus, we've got info on what fans can expect from The Office's series finale, a new guy coming onto Nashville to stir things up and How I Met Your Mother.

Jake: Arrow scoop please!
Laurel's mother is coming to town! Yes, the CW hit is currently looking for an actress to take on the role of Dinah, Laurel's mama, who will return to Starling City hoping to make amends with the family she left behind. Hit up the comments and dream cast this role with us, won't you? (FYI, we're sure fans of the original Green Arrow comics will find her name very interesting.)

Kara: I feel like Glee has been off the air forever. I'll take any scoop you got!
If you are waiting for a certain love triangle to end, then you are in luck. Melissa Benoist tells us that Marley does finally choose one of the boys in an upcoming episode. Aside from having a stable romantic life, Marley will be focusing on making up for her embarrassing showing at Sectionals. "Now is this time where she's growing a lot and finding a lot of confidence and strength after everything that happened with her," Benoist says. "She's really working on redeeming herself with the New Directions after everything that happened at Sectionals."

George: Dying for some scoop on Parks and Recreation! Especially Ben and Leslie…
We just spotted cameras filming at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, Calif., which is interesting only because it's a very popular site to shoot WEDDINGS. Wahoooo! Upon further investigation (read: stalking, then crying), however, we discovered they are shooting something called the Pawnee Correspondents Lunch—media types and politicians roasting each other. It's tentatively scheduled to air in March. So...no Ben/Leslie nuptials in sight just yet.

Jack: I need American Horror Story finale scoop!
The season two finale of Asylum spends almost equal parts in present day and back in the 1970's, and it's told mostly through Lana's eyes in a very unconventional way. In the end, there is a showdown between Johnny and Lana, and that situation ends in a way that we can only describe as...poetic. And because we love you so much, here is some season three scoop: Ryan Murphy confirmed that both Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will be back! It will take place in modern day, and Murphy revealed that that story would span several cities.

Michael Yarish/CBS

B.J.: How I Met Your Mother fan here. What you got?
Only the return of the legen…wait for it…dary Robin Sparkles! Here is your first look at Cobie Smulders in episode 15 as everyone's favorite Canadian pop star. Barney discovers a lost episode of "Underneath the Tunes" that features his fiancée. (Isn't it nice to say that Robin is Barney's fiancée now? Siiiigh). That episode also features a plethora of Canadian stars including Alan Thicke, Jason Priestley, Paul Shaffer and Alex Trebek. Oh, and Abby Elliot plays Ted's new girlfriend, who may or may not be a stalker.

Beth: Would love some scoop on Nashville if you've got any!
A new man is coming into Juliette's life: her mother's sober companion. Viewers will meet the charming and charismatic Ozzy later this season when Juliette's fresh out of rehab mom comes to stay with her. Though she's initially hesitant to listen to him, Juliette eventually starts to open up to the seemingly genuine Ozzy.

Haley: Thanks for The Office scoop. Did Greg Daniels happen to say anything about what's going on with Jim and Pam for the rest of the episodes?
Jim and Pam's marriage will be a focal point in the remaining episodes, especially since a showdown between the two of them now seems inevitable. So a big fight is coming, but so are callbacks to Jim and Pam moments from the earlier seasons. "One of the things that we're excited about for this year is the chance for people who have been following the show, all the fans who have been following it religiously for years, to really get off on all the connections and the wrap ups and the artistry that we're trying to bring to the end," Daniels said. Translation? Count on the fact that Jim chose Pam over New York in season three to come back up again soon.

Amanda V.: I'm in love with Taylor Kinney on Chicago Fire...scoop me!
Wouldn't you rather have Taylor Kinney scoop you off your feet? (See what we did there? Sorry, not sorry). Gird your loins, because in an upcoming episode, Serveride will be put in serious danger. Hint: It involves a bomb. They wouldn't kill off someone that good looking, would they? IT would certainly make for an explosive episode! (We're done with the puns now.)

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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