Jennifer Garner Wears Sticker on Her Forehead, Trumps Ben Affleck's Hand Scribbles for Adorableness

While out with daughter Violet, the actress rocks a very unusual, and super cute, accessory

By Gina Serpe Jan 17, 2013 3:51 PMTags

Well, you just can't take these two anywhere.

Except for the Golden Globes, in which case they'll clean up real nice and probably steal the show and all the cute podium moments. As it is, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are in danger of earning themselves yet another award: Most Humoring and Adorable Parents.

Because while the Argo director last week earned a universal aww when he turned up at the Critics' Choice Awards with scribbles all over his hands (courtesy of his daughter, and for good luck, obviously), this week it was Garner's turn to gamely accommodate the whims of her girls.

While en route with her daughter Violet to a park in their Palisades neighborhood yesterday, Garner was sporting a somewhat unusual accessory: a sticker smack-dab in the middle of her forehead.

It's unclear what exactly is on the sticker, but really, that's a bit beside the point.

Clearly, it's the children that are wearing the (big-kid) pants in the Affleck household. Can't wait to see what they make their parents show up to the Oscars in.