Daniel Craig, Skyfall


The Chinese government was clearly more shaken than stirred with James Bond's latest outing.

The country's censors have dinged Daniel Craig's $1 billion-grossing Skyfall, editing out scenes and dialogue and rewriting subtitles from the blockbuster smash.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, officials have snipped a scene showing the film's assassin gunning down a Chinese security guard.

The movie subtitles have also been tweaked to town down a scene in which the flick's femme fatale, played by Bérénice Marlohe, talks about being a member of a Macau prostitution ring. According to the revisionist subtitles, she's now in cahoots with the Mob.

Of course, the Chinese government has been known to come down hard on films whose content it deems objectionable—not even Titanic (or Kate Winslet's boobies) was spared last year.

Sorry, Mr. Bond: Guess you can't win every mission.

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