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Young lady stars are blowing up right now. But who's the biggest: Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, or Hathaway, and why? Please answer when you can!
—Mari, via Twitter

Easy! Here's a hint: Forget the current Oscar-race red carpet scene, and the people dominating it.

Still clueless? No problem. Here comes my official, totally definitive, purely scientific list of exactly who is the biggest star among the actresses above.

Time to impress all your friends!

Fanatical E! Online readers already know that Jennifer Lawrence essentially owned 2012, thanks to one blockbuster (Hunger Games), one Oscar-bait performance (The Silver Linings Playbook) and a red carpet record to die for.

People who specialize in celebrity endorsements have said that they expect Lawrence's winning streak to stretch well into this year. (Lawrence currently dominates the IMDb Pro StarMeter.)

However, this very moment—this very nanosecond—appears to belong to a star with no Oscar nominations, no Golden Globes, none of that: Emma Stone.

According to the Davie-Brown Index, which constantly surveys public perception of Hollywood's biggest names, Stone dominates your list in several ways. She is more influential than any of the other names you mention.

She's seen as more of a fresh breakthrough, even though Stone technically broke big three years before Lawrence, in Superbad, with Jonah Hill.

And more people see Stone as someone to aspire to, versus Anne Hathaway, Lawrence or even Kristen Stewart.

That said, Stone is being trounced in one other, very important category: bankability.

That's according to another authority, the Ulmer Scale, which rates stars by their ability to get a film financed. In that realm, there is different queen among the princesses you cite, and that person is...

Anne Hathaway.

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