Razzies Ding Eszterhas, Willis, DiCaprio

Burn Hollywood Burn fried at annual anti-Oscars; Willis Worst Actor; Leo Worst "Couple"

By Marcus Errico Mar 20, 1999 9:05 PMTags
Burn Hollywood Burn: An Alan Smithee Film--überscreenwriter Joe Eszterhas' god-awful attempt to skewer the Industry--was torched at the 19th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards Saturday.

The supposed satire led all stinkers with five Razzies, including Worst Picture of 1998. Ezsterhas himself accounted for a record four trophies: Worst Supporting Actor, Worst New Star (a tie with Jerry Springer), Worst Song ("I Wanna Be Mike Ovitz") and, natch, the Joe Ezsterhas Dis-Honorial Worst Screenplay Award.

As usual, the Razzies--the unofficial anti-Oscars presented in Santa Monica, California, the day before the real-deal--dinged some of Tinseltown's top dogs.

Bruce Willis proved himself a (thankfully) rare triple threat, winning Worst Actor on the strength of his 1998 trifecta: Armageddon, Mercury Rising and The Siege.

The collective Spice Girls collectively were named the year's Worst Actress for their painful Spice World. Leonardo DiCaprio earned himself the Worst Screen "Couple" Razzy for playing twins in The Man in the Iron Mask. And onetime Oscar nominee Gus Van Sant was deigned Worst Director for his by-the-numbers Psycho retread (which finished in an unprecedented three-way tie with The Avengers and Godzilla as 1998's Worst Remake or Sequel).

Here are all the winners--er, losers--at the 19th Annual Razzies:

Worst Picture: Burn Hollywood Burn

Worst Actor: Bruce Willis (Armageddon, Mercury Rising, The Siege)

Worst Actress: The Spice Girls (Spice World)

Worst Supporting Actor: Joe Eszterhas (Burn Hollywood Burn).

Worst Supporting Actress: Maria Pitillo (Godzilla)

Worst Director: Gus Van Sant (Psycho)

Worst New Star: (tie) Joe Eszterhas (Burn Hollywood Burn) and Jerry Springer (Ringmaster)

Worst Screen "Couple": Leonardo DiCaprio and Leonardo DiCaprio (The Man in the Iron Mask)

Worst Remake or Sequel: (three-way tie) The Avengers, Godzilla and Psyhco

The Joe Ezsterhas Worst Screenplay Award: Burn Hollywood Burn, Joe Ezsterhas

Worst "Original" Song: "I Wanna Be Mike Ovitz" (Burn Hollywood Burn)

Worst Trend: Gidgets 'n' Geezers (58-year-old leading men wooing 28-year-old leading ladies)