Leave it to Conan O'Brien, he of ginger hair and an innate sense of trustworthiness, to get to the bottom of the most torrid news stories. Like whether or not comedian Ron Riggle checked Jennifer Lawrence out while presenting her an award at the Critics' Choice Awards.

"This was so unfair!" The Hangover and 21 Jump Street actor confessed when presented with photographic evidence of the alleged ogling. "She came up onstage and I don't even think we shook hands, I just said, 'Congratulations'...and as we backed away I was looking to see where we were going and shaboom. Right there."

But O'Brien pressed on: "What explains the I've-just-seen-Jesus smile?

"Ok, I was looking at her butt," Riggled laughed. And with that, J.Law wins another award to join her ever-growing collecton: Butt Like Jesus. Did Meryl ever win that?

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