KKTM 502

The big premiere week of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami continues! The second episode in as many days started off with Mason being adorable, continued with a stolen unicorn, got serious with Kim Kardashian's worries about being a mother, and finished up with Scott Disick taking up a dangerous new hobby.

Tensions were high again as Kim and Khloe found new ways to nitpick Kourtney's new lifestyle as a mother of two, but of course the sisters managed to make peace at the end of the day. Not that we're counting them out for another fight next week, of course!


Just Be Honest: Khloe was tasked with an important mission this week: tell Kourtney that she stinks! Being a new mom, Kourtney wants to avoid the chemicals in deodorant (a smart move!), but the result...well, as Scott puts it, "Yeah, she reeks." Khloe spends all week dropping subtle hints, but Kourtney eventually says she should have taken the direct approach. "If you had some food in your teeth, would you want me to tell you?" she points out.

Racing = Dangerous: While shopping for some new office space, Scott meets his clone/man crush Chapman, who not only has great hair like Scott but also has a love of racing. Scott always wanted to race cars, so he goes with Chapman to the track...even though Kourtney forbid it. Turns out Kourtney was right, because Scott gets in a crash and has to go to the hospital for a concussion. But when Kourtney sees how much Scott enjoys it, she agrees to let him race (for now).

Mommy Worries: Kim was relentless this week in picking on Kourtney's fashion choices now that she's dealing with Mason and Penelope. According to Kim, having two kids is no excuse not to be fashionable, and what's worse is she never gets to hang out with Kourt anymore.

This criticism quickly gets on Kourtney's nerves, but Kim is even quicker to apologize. You see, Kim got some bad news from her fertility doctor, which meant that she was having some serious worries about whether she would ever be able to have kids or not. I guess we got the answer to that question!


"I want to learn how to be a good mom. I feel like right now, the time is right."—Kim

"That's uncomfortable, you don't want to tell somebody you love that she stinks"—Scott

"Ever since she had the second baby, she's been like a slob kabob"—Kim

"It's hard to imagine loving someone as much as yourself"—Scott

"A good hint never hurt anyone"—Khloe

"Am I going to take after Kourtney, who can sneeze and get pregnant?"—Kim

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