Adele Makes Post-Baby Debut at Golden Globes, Talks Being "Very Pregnant" When Recording Skyfall Theme

Best Song nominee admits to E!'s Ryan Seacrest she was worried she would "let everybody down"

By Natalie Finn Jan 14, 2013 2:09 AMTags
Watch: 2013 Golden Globes: Adele

Adele is back—and, as usual, in black.

Tonight at the Golden Globes, the Burberry-clad British songbird's first red-carpet event since having a baby in October, Adele recalled being "very pregnant and very emotional" while recording the Skyfall theme—and that she almost didn't go through with it!

"I got the script a long time ago and it took quite awhile to convince me to do the actual song," Adele admitted to E!'s Ryan Seacrest. "It's a big responsibility doning a Bond song. Paul McCartney's done it, Shirley Bassey's the queen of them, and I was worried I would let everyone down by doing it."

"But I got convinced," she added. "I loved the script. I think Sam Mendes is just incredible and Daniel Craig is a gorgeous Bond. They're very serious now, the Bond films, they're kind of evolving as they're going on...[Skyfall] was very British."

Meanwhile, this is Adele's first Golden Globes and she's not used to such things!

"All these people here, like characters I've grown to love in film and TV!" she marveled. "It's very weird coming here and not be around my peers."

When informed that all these TV and film characters are probably big fans of hers, she said, "I hope so, that would be lovely."

We're willing to bet on it, dear.