Tina Fey, Golden Globe

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It's our favorite time of year!

Awards season has officially kicked off with the 2013 Golden Globes tonight at the Beverly Hilton, but before we could find out who won what, E!'s Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest hung out with some of Hollywood's biggest celebs for a quick chat before the show—and they always have the best things to say.

"It's nice to not be sweating profusely on the red carpet, because the Emmys were like a downpour and it's a nice beautiful day, it's perfect."
Hayden Panettiere on the cool weather

"He saw a little bit of it but, of course, it was a school night and it's his big exam today, so he was studying."
Julianne Hough on whether or not boyfriend Ryan Seacrest watched The Impossible with her last night

"Hoping I don't leak anytime soon."
—new mommy Claire Danes stating the obvious

"It's tight, it's lacey. That's all there is to it."
Megan Fox on her Dolce & Gabbana gown

"I looked at it."
Brian Austin Greene on his involvement in selecting Fox's gown

"I was just trying to keep Lucy Liu from walking off with a part of my dress."
Zooey Deschanel on her gown getting caught with Liu's on the Emmys red carpet

"Any time you're sexy, that's a great thing."
Bryan Cranston on making People magazine's Sexiest Men list

Newly single Jennifer Lawrence reveals Golden Globes date

"My breasts have a tendency to sort of shove my dress to the right and I have to fight it back to the left."
Girls' Lena Dunham on setting her gown straight

"People should get liquored up, and hopefully in a way that makes us seem funny and not to where they throw things or turn belligerent."
Tina Fey on celebs drinking while she cohosts the awards show with Amy Poehler

"Everyone is terribly sweet, I think these characters have a vulnerability that makes people wanna take care of us instead of attack us."
John Galecki on Big Bang Theory fans

"I have good rhythm? Based on my chocolate skintone?"
Aziz Ansari after Giuliana asked to teach her some moves

"Yeah, that was pretty insane and incredible. I mean, he's obviously a legend and I had to scream in his face."
Jennifer Lawrence on her yelling scene in Silver Linings Playbook with Robert DeNiro

"No one do this—but I lost about 25 pounds then 36 hours before the first scene, I didn't drink any liquids, whatsoever, and you lose about 10 pounds in a crazy way. It's horrible."
Hugh Jackman on his yo-yo dieting for Les Misérables

"It's always fun to play drunk, because if you forget your lines you're like, ‘Oh, I'm in character, so what?'"
Jon Hamm on his Mad Men character's vices

"He said, ‘That's hot, wear that.'"
Nicole Kidman on hubby Keith Urban helping pick out her dress

"It was absolutely amazing. I was very pregnant and I was very emotional. But it was very exciting and epic. I felt like Frank Sinatra."
Adele on recording with a 77-piece orchestra for Skyfall theme song

"I believe that it is some form of a cloth."
George Clooney on the details of Stacy Keibler's dress

"That's the best compliment I could have ever heard tonight."
Kate Hudson on hearing Quentin Tarantino cries to her romantic comedies

"I would tell you but I'd have to kill you."
—nominee Ben Affleck on what his daughters wrote on his hands for good luck

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