Lindsay Lohan is getting some peer support in the wake of the recent New York Times article attacking the embattled actress' work ethic on her upcoming film The Canyons.

Lohan's Liz & Dick costar Grant Bowler says that, contrary to how the scathing piece describes working with LiLo (yelling at and attacking colleagues, showing up to set late, getting fired (then rehired), and being an overall terror to film with), the Mean Girls star was never out of line with him while shooting the Lifetime biopic.

"I never got yelled at," Bowler, who played love-of-Liz's-life Richard Burton, told us tonight at the 2013 G'Day USA Los Angeles Black Tie Gala in L.A. "We had a lot of quiet and intense conversations. We didn't have that relationship at all. To be completely fair to Lindsay, that did not happen. She didn't threaten me at all."

"We had a lot of quiet, serious conversations about characters and we worked very, very hard," Bowler continued. "And we both ensured that when we came to set, we came to set very, very serious. That's the God's honest truth."

So it sounds like Bowler had a much more pleasant experience shooting Liz & Dick with Lohan than it sounds like her Canyons costars might have had?

"My experience with any actor is from action to cut, everything else is none of my business," the Aussie actor said diplomatically.

As for whether Bowler would ever work with Lohan again, he said seriously, "I don't know. I honestly don't know. That's really one for the Gods."

Meanwhile, Liz & Dick producer Larry Thompson exclusively tells E! News that he wishes the hype surrounding Lohan hadn't distracted so much from Bowler's performance as Burton.

"Grant Bowler is a serious actor and a true gentleman," he said. "If the critics in reviewing Liz & Dick would have looked beyond Lindsay's controversial past they could have seen Grant's promising future."

As for the New York Times Magazine exposé, Thompson said that what he got from the article was that The Canyons crew "were making a totally different type movie than Liz & Dick.

"Everybody's on-set behavior on their movie seemed different than ours. Their director, Paul Schrader, reportedly stripped naked to get Lindsay to do a four-way nude scene. I wouldn't do that for fear Lindsay would stay and everybody else on the movie would leave." 

"I'm sure," Thompson added, "Paul Schrader and I could compare some interesting stories on making a movie with Lindsay Lohan, but I'm not so sure we should compare them in the press."

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