Demi Lovato

Giulio Marcocchi/

Demi Lovato is one impressive young woman.

The 20-year-old superstar—who has millions of dollars, multiple hits and a judging stint on The X Factor—has been living in a sober house in Los Angeles for over a year, People magazine reports.

Lovato has never been shy about sharing her sobriety struggles. She entered treatment in 2010 for anorexia, bulimia and cutting issues and has since become an anti-bullying advocate and role model for troubled teens.;

And as it turns out, the songbird is highly committed to staying healthy, even reportedly living in the sober house while filming The X Factor.

"It's a daily journey and it's definitely going to be a struggle that I'll have to deal with for the rest of my life," she exclusively told E! News back in 2011 of her struggle to stay on a positive life path. "Sometimes I think, Why couldn't I have been normal?" 

The brunette beauty—who was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder during her stint in rehab—currently has the words "Stay Strong" tattooed on her wrists as a reminder of her commitment to a healthy life. 

Over New Year's, Demi also took to Twitter to look back on all of her positive life changes since treatment, calling recovery a "beautiful thing."  

With the endless amount of Hollywood temptation at her fingertips, it's safe to say Lovato has an extremely solid approach to sobriety.

We commend you, Demi. Stay strong! 

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