Harry Styles, Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift works fast. The Internet works faster.

While this morning, Twitter and Tumblr (and the brains of fangirls everywhere) blew up with the apparent leaking of the inevitable breakup song from Swifty about her latest arm candy, One Direction's Harry Styles.

But alas, "I'm Alright,"  that catchy, spot-on, lyrically accurate song that might very well have been written by and for Haylor, was not.

Instead, the scarily dead-on tune was simply an artistic premonition of what such a foreordained song may sound like when it does eventually get released. (And that is when, not if, as Taylor herself teased just yesterday that she was already back in the studio, marking the occasion with a not-so-cryptic, "Uh oh.")

The song in question was instead the brainchild of Taylor's vocal doppelgänger, an artist posting under the name jerseygreenII, who posted the song under the title, "I'm Alright - Taylor Swift Break-up Song Foretell (original)," on her Soundcloud account last night.

And sometime between last night and now, the song—complete with references to curly-haired singers, green eyes and a night in New York City—was countlessly played and repeatedly uploaded to YouTube under the guise of being a leaked Swift original.

But the real artist took to Twitter to clarify the mystery surrounding the tune, and expand on her inspiration for the song.

"I actually tried my very best to write it without saying a single bad thing about Harry Styles," she wrote under the name JerseyGreen13.

And, it turns out, her vocal similarity isn't the only thing she has in common with the pop superstar. They seem to share similar taste in men, as well.

"I wish John Mayer can just kiss me right now and everything will be perfect," she added.

"I tried my best to make the lyrics and chords sound like Taylor Swift to make the foretell even more realistic."

Job well done, we'd say. Almost too well done.

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