Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman

Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Nicole Kidman is very much an Australian lady, but she's settled into life as a Southern belle quite well!

On Thursday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Grace of Monaco star gushed about life in Tennessee with husband Keith Urban and how their daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret,  have developed adorable hybrid accents.

"They have a mix of Australian and Southern, which is really cute, but my mom always says, "I can't understand her" because she's like, 'y'all...' She says 'hey y'all' to her grandparents," the actress said.

"They play guitar and dance," she added, noting that Sunday Rose, 4, "has got really good pitch."

"Maybe she'll sing," Ellen mused.

"I'd love it. The great thing about being married to a musician—I don't know if anyone in the audience is—you have music in the house all the time, so you just, there is something very joyful about having music. Because Keith can play pretty much any instrument, so he'll just play piano at 7 a.m. in the morning, and that's what we have, you know. We have breakfast around the piano so it's very much a part of our life."

Nicole said her hubby is a "divine" father and shared a sweet family snapshot.

Ellen also had some happy news to share. The daytime host pulled an Oprah Winfrey, surprising her audience with the news that they'd be joining her in Australia later this year. "So I am actually, for the first time in my life, going to Australia. I'm going in March, and I'm going to shoot a bunch of stuff in Melbourne and Sydney," Ellen said. "We're going to do taped pieces and meet the fans and hang out."

G'day, indeed!

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