Nicole Richie, Juliaane Hough, Ariel Winter, GlamCam

It's always fun to watch the stars walk the red carpet.

Who's wearing what? Who borrowed their bling and how much is it worth? We get all the info and a whole lotta eye candy during this fabulous parade of pageantry.

But, what we don't get are all the angles. Red carpet pics are all so perfectly posed that getting a celeb candid is almost impossible—that is, it was until we introduced the amazing GlamCam 360.

Forget only snapping shots of a celeb's "good side"—thanks to our forty-eight cameras that surround the star from all sides, we now have the ability to oogle their ensembles from every angle!

Plus, some celebs have been known to get a little crazy (what's up, Nicki Minaj?!) when they step inside the GlamCam360!

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