Emma Stone has the cute-and-coy act down pat!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actress was adorably evasive about her relationship with boyfriend Andrew Garfield during a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"You worked with, I forget his name, Andrew…Garfield?" Ellen asked teasingly.

"Right, something like that?" Emma said.

"And how did y'all get along? " Ellen asked the 24-year-old Gangster Squad star, who recently adopted a dog with Andrew. "Did you get along OK?"

"He's all right," Emma said with a smile. "He's fun.

"Do you keep in touch?" Ellen prodded. "Do you ever call and go, 'What's up? Let's have lunch or something'?"

"It depends on the day…I usually just mind my own business," Emma said.

"So you're working with him again which is going to be…tough," Ellen quipped.

Emma joked back, "Yeah."

"Yeah, really tough," Ellen said, prompting Emma to joke back, "Again, I'm tired."

For more of Ellen and Emma's chat, tune into The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday.

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