1600 Penn

Chris Haston/NBC

Hail to the Chief? Or bail?

NBC's new comedy set in the White House, 1600 Penn, is about a dysfunctional family that just happens to be the first family of the United States. The comedic possibilities are endless, but did you watch the first episode and hope for the end? Or are you looking forward to more White House action?

The series stars Josh Gad as Skip Gilchrist, the son of the president who just can't get his act together. To say he brings embarrassment to the first family is a bit of an understatement. The president, Dale (Bill Pullman), certainly has his hands full with Skip and his wife, Emily (played by Jenna Elfman), and the audience is along for the ride through the Oval Office and beyond.

NBC previewed the pilot episode back in December, but tonight was the official premiere of 1600 Penn. If you've tuned in, what did you think? Save or sink the new comedy?

Save or Sink It: 1600 Penn
1600 Penn: Save or sink it?

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