Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook

JOJO WHILDEN/The Weinstein Company

Jennifer Lawrence was an Oscar nominee at age 20. Two years later, she's the pick to become a Golden Globes winner on Sunday.

The awards-season playbook on the Silver Linings Playbook star: 

1. She Shot The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Back-to-Back in 2011: That worked out well for her, even if Oscar speculation for The Hunger Games never got past the speculation stage.  

2. She Can Dig Deep: Silver Linings director David O. Russell encouraged Lawrence to use the lower register of her voice to play the widow who starts anew with Bradley Cooper. "I think I sound like a hermit," she told the New York Times, "a deep, chain-smoking hermit."

3. She Is Probably Not the "Worst Dancer Ever":  The self-deprecating Lawrence has claimed otherwise, but no complaints have been lodged against Silver Linings' key ballroom-dance segments, and Cooper credits his onscreen partner with doing "the lion's share of the dancing." 

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4. She's a Pistol: If you're looking for a good time this awards season, check out any Lawrence interview, including this one with Vanity Fair: "Not to sound rude, but [acting] is stupid," Next up: A Jan. 19 stint hosting Saturday Night Live—and just maybe a Globes acceptance speech for Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

5. She MIght Win Best Actress at the Oscars, or She Might Not: She's being given the best odds, but Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain is right up there, and the race feels too close to call.

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