HArry Styles, Hermione Way, Facebook


Sure, thanks to a little hot-tub fun, Hermione Way is now forever linked with the supposed split between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

But the British Internet entrepreneur still seems surprised by all the attention she's received after partying with the One Direction dude on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island.

"Now front page of The Sun? Must be a #slownewsday in the UK," Way tweeted on Tuesday.

As for what actually occurred between her and Styles, well, the gal is obviously staying mum.

"To all the journalists hounding me this morning - I have nothing to say on the Harry story. What happens on Necker, stays on Necker," she later tweeted.

Meanwhile, Way continued to express her amazement at having been put under the media microscope.

"Today 6,000 people in the world will die from AIDS, but apparently pop stars and bikinis sell more newspapers," wrote Way, who also appeared on the Bravo series Start-Ups: Silicon Valley.

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