Superman not only lives--he may live with the director of Elizbeth.

Shekhar Kapur, who helmed the 1998 costume drama about a young Queen Elizabeth, was one of three names floated this week as top candidates to direct the long-delayed new Superman movie, Superman Lives.

The others were Simon West (Con Air) and Steve Norrington (Blade).

The Hollywood Reporter described Warner Bros. as "fast zeroing in" on the trio. The studio declined comment.

Of the would-be hopefuls, the fiftysomething Kapur seems the most left-of-center pick. West and Norrington have both made high-octane, blow-'em flicks. Kapur's latest caters to the Masterpiece Theatre crowd.

On the other hand, Superman does wear tights--just like them fancy Elizabetheans.

Nicolas Cage, by the way, is still slated to pull on the Man of Steel's tights--a rare survivor on this fitful film.

Tim Burton (Batman) originally signed to direct. But his involvement all but ended when Warners pulled the plug weeks before the scheduled start of shooting.

Elsewhere on the superhero front, respected film Website Coming Attractions ( this week whet the appetite of genre fans with an item about a Superman and Batman movie.

Citing an unnamed source, the site said the project's called Superman and Batman: World's Finest, just like the old DC Comics team-up title. The project reportedly is the brainchild of Richard Donner, who directed 1978's Superman. And, while we're dreaming, Donner supposedly wants (why not?) Lethal Weapon pal Mel Gibson to play Batman and Daniel Day-Lewis to play Superman.

Warner Bros. had no comment.

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