Jan 9, 2013 | Au revoir ! by KimKardashian on Keek.com

Buongiorno, Kim Kardashian!

The mom-to-be and Kanye West (we're pretty sure) headed to Italy Tuesday, saying farewell to France. The pregnant E! star posted a Keek video (you can hear her rapper beau at the beginning) waving goodbye to Paris and blowing a kiss for her fans.

"We're on our way to Italy," Kim says, walking towards what appears to be an airplane. "Au revoir," she says, giggling. "Is that how you say it?" (Yeah, girl, your Français is très bien!)

Before Kim and 'Ye took their Eurotrip to Italy, the parents-to-be enjoyed some shopping and a romantic dinner in the City of Light.

We have a feeling the Kimye baby will be a jet-setter just like mom and dad!

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