Well, Jennifer Aniston certainly came up with an interesting welcome-to-11:35 present for Jimmy Kimmel.

Looking ladylike in a little black dress with a peplum, the Wanderlust star took a sledgehammer to the host's desk in honor of Jimmy Kimmel Live's first show in its new, earlier time slot.

"Why would you do that?" Kimmel asked his friend, surveying the damage.

"You're welcome!" Aniston exclaimed, catching her breath and removing her protective eyewear and ear coverings.

"Why would you do this to my new desk?" Kimmel reiterated, now laughing. "What's wrong with you?"

"That's out with the old, in with the new, we're going to 11:30!" Aniston replied, adding a fist-pump.

She feigned abashed confusion when Kimmel said again that she had just destroyed the new desk.

"I've never been here, so..." she said by way of explanation. "No!" she gasped, when Kimmel also informed her that she was on the first show at 11:35 p.m., not the last show at 12:05 a.m. "I am so sorry!"

"We'll pretend we're doing a talk show during World War II," he joked, referring to the little shelf he pulled over to serve as a makeshift desk.

Once Aniston had offered to pay for the "not very well-made desk," then it was onto happier topics, such as their recent vacation together in Cabo San Lucas!

"I've known your fiancé, Justin, for a while," Kimmel said of Aniston's betrothed, Justin Theroux. "Now, if I was you, I would eliminate all his friends right off the bat. I would not allow his friends to go on vacation with me. But you were very gracious."

And, according to Aniston, Kimmel is a delight to vacation with! Reason one: He's an "amazing cook," who along with Theroux prepared an Italian feast on New Year's Day, while Aniston made some "trailer-trashy ham and cream cheese" dish. And, reason two: "All of you boys were secure enough in your masculinity to join the women on spa day. So the girls had massages, whilst the men were having manicures and pedicures."

True story, she brought pictures of Kimmel, Theroux and fellow vacationer John Krasinski getting the works.

Speaking of which, while they were reminiscing about spa treatments, Aniston went ahead and gave Kimmel a haircut—the first she'd given in 30 years.

"I'm so nervous, I'm kind of shaking, I hope that's OK with you," she said as she closed in with the scissors and proceeded to give him a real, live trim.

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