Hangover Director Todd Phillips Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged Onetime Fling

Filmmaker alleges that 22-year-old woman he had a "one night relationship" with is now harassing him and set up camp on his property while he was on vacation

By Natalie Finn Jan 09, 2013 2:55 AMTags
Todd Phillips, HangoverKevin Winter/Getty Images

Todd Phillips is freaking out, and not because he doesn't remember what he did last night.

The Hangover director has secured a temporary restraining order against a 22-year-old woman who, he claims in court documents, has been stalking him via text, voicemail and in person, causing him "great anxiety" and fear for his safety and that of his live-in girlfriend.

In court documents filed Monday and obtained by E! News, Phillips alleges that Juliana Shiao started texting him in spring 2011, a few months after he met her on a movie set, and they had a "one night relationship" that "did not progress after that night."

Phillips states that Shiao started texting him again and leaving voicemails in August 2012 and, since then, he's received "hundreds of texts," including "lurid fantasies" about him, to "threats about stalking," and "threats to make contact with [him] and enter [his] property."

The texts became "increasingly aggressive and threatening," the filmmaker continues, and then she showed up at his house on Nov. 24 and 10:20 p.m. and "banged on the gate and demanded to be let in."

Phillips also alleges that he returned home from a trip abroad on Jan. 3 and there were signs of a break-in on his property. Shiao then showed up that night, "completely out of control," he states, and he called the cops.

Shiao was arrested for trespassing and her vehicle was impounded, according to Phillips, who also states that there was evidence that she had been staying in his backyard and had slept in his pool-house bathroom while he was away.

A declaration from a LAPD detective included in the filing supports his version of events.

Shiao must stay at least 100 yards away from Phillips pending a Jan. 28 hearing on whether the order should be made permanent—but his girlfriend, Alexandra Kravetz, was told to petition for a separate restraining order. Phillips claimed that Shiao had vandalized Kravetz's car and referred to her in a threatening manner via text.