Nikki Reed

Charley Gallay/WireImage

We'd be hard pressed to find a cuter celeb couple than Nikki Reed and her hubby, Paul McDonald. Not only did the two first meet after Reed—encouraged by her dad of all people!—walked over to McDonald to introduce herself at a premiere of Little Red Riding Hood, but the entire encounter was captured on camera, too!

Since then, the two lovebirds went on to get married in October 2011 and record their EP, The Best Part. And while that all sounds incredibly romantic, we're pretty sure nothing tests a relationship like contending with not one, but two hectic Hollywood schedules. But since the darling duo still seem to be going strong after being married for over a year, we just had to ask Reed for some advice on maintaining that newlywed bliss when we ran into her at the American Music Awards afterparty. 

Here's what the Twilight star had to say: 

Make Sacrifices: Compromise is key when both you and your significant other have a lot on your plate. Specifically, Reed suggests remaining flexible when it comes to work and travel schedules. "Last year Paul was on tour and I went to 30 shows, and yeah, it was a big deal, and this year I'm doing all this promo and he flies with me."

Communicate: Have a problem? Speak up! But don't forget to let your partner know how much you appreciate them, either. "I feel like it's important for the other person to know that you care."

Embrace Me Time: You don't have to be attached at the hip to make your relationship work. "Independence is also really important in our relationship. [Paul] goes off and does his music and stuff like all day every day. We don't just hang out together; he separates and goes to the music studio and he works and then I work too."


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