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Many, many questions remain in the wake of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles apparent breakup. But we do know one thing: Yes, Harry has a bonus set of nipples. And no, he isn't shy about them.

One Direction's newest video, for their bubbly tune "Kiss" (the sheer existence of which a testament to Swift inability to Yoko Ono the boy band), features some playful purple nurples, none of which Harry is on the receiving end of. Statistically, that's impressive, considering, of the band's 12 collective nipples, Harry possesses four.

And all four get their turn in the spotlight in "Kiss" (originally pointed out by an eagle-eyed nipple enthusiast over at World of Wonder). But was the revelation of both his third and fourth supernumerary nips on the former couple's recent trip to the Caribbean a deal breaker (kind of like that episode of Friends where the one-legged hookup ditches Chandler when she sees his third nipple)?

We may never know. But you best believe we'll be investigating the liner notes on Taylor's next album for "NIPPLE SURPRISE."

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