Katharine McPhee

Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty Images

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Some strippers like to make a grand entrance through a beaded curtain and some prefer to take their beaded curtain with them. Now we know which category Katharine McPhee falls into.

We tried for all of six seconds to find out who made this getup, which the Smash star wore for the NBC TCA party in Pasadena, but then our right eye started to twitch. And our throat seized up. And we need to stop forthwith before we go into full anaphylactic shock.

Maybe we're being too hard on poor McPhee. Maybe there isn't a person alive who can pull off a garment made only of zippers and mystery material left behind by that alien spaceship crash in Roswell.

Oh, wait, Karolína Kurková was at the same party that night, wearing the same type of mystery tinsel—and she did it right. Nevermind.

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