Today, Liz Hernandez, Ken Baker and Melanie Bromley started off the show with a discussion of the latest overnight Twitter sensation—AJ McCarron's gorgeous girlfriend!

Last night, during the BCS title game, the Jumbotron showed a shot of AJ's leading lady, Katherine Webb (aka Miss Alabama USA), and the announcers got a little (too?) excited. We discuss whether their comments might have crossed the proverbial line.

Plus, Taylor Swift is reportedly single again, but what could have come between the seemingly happy couple? And are fans rejoicing over the alleged split or sad to see these two on the outs? We read some of your tweets to find out.

Finally, a disturbing trend has emerged on Twitter with a faux campaign urging Justin Bieber's fans to cut themselves after pics surfaced where the singer was possibly smoking pot. Find out what Miley Cyrus had to say about the dangerous behavior and why something like this should never be taken lightly. 

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