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The Saturdays have arrived! In the series premiere of Chasing The Saturdays, we saw the girls touch down in Los Angeles and get immediately swept up in the celebrity scene.

But before we get to all that, here's how the girls describe themselves (for those of you who aren't already familiar with The Saturdays):

Mollie King: The "Disney character" (as the other girls call her) who likes to "see the good in situations."
Frankie Sandford: She's been in the industry since she was 11 years old!
Una Healy: Una is Irish and proud of it, but not as proud as she is of her rugby star husband Ben and her adorable daughter Aoife Belle.
Vanessa White: Vanessa is the youngest of the group, and loves partying (but hates the hangovers).
Rochelle Humes: Rochelle is the "mom of the group," and recently got married to her husband Marvin, who is in the boy band JLS. 

The girls move into their apartments and get settled quickly, but Frankie has a problem: her couch is barely a couch. "That's a chair!" she exclaims. Meanwhile, Mollie is jealous of Vanessa's "Carrie Bradshaw walk-in closet," while hers is practically a cupboard. "Stop going on like you're living in poverty," chides Vanessa.

But Frankie has bigger worries than her couch-chair. Ever since she was treated for depression, Frankie has had to keep tabs on her wellbeing, and being away from home is already making her homesick. Luckily she has Mollie to cuddle with: "I know where this is going," says Mollie. "You want to share a bed." Awww.

After they settle in, the girls immediately get back to work. Peter, the band's manager, has some big news for them: they will be attending the VMAs, and will be performing at Perez Hilton's after party!

So the girls rehearse their new U.S. single, "What About Us," in preparation for the event. But they quickly realize that this will be their first performance in the States, and nerves set in. But when they get on stage, The Saturdays are flawless. Mollie says that they just "clicked into performance mode" and everything went off without a hitch.

With that, there's just one thing to take care of: Frankie's couch. Mollie's solution is to just bring her couch down to give to Frankie. Giving up your couch: that's true friendship.

Tune in tomorrow at 10/9c for another all-new episode of Chasing The Saturdays on E!

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