Sisterly Fashion Face-Off: Elle vs. Dakota Fanning in Dueling Itty-Bitty Dresses

Is it us, or do these two look freezing? They were spotted in Seoul wearing itty-bitty dresses and not much else.

By Leslie Gornstein Jan 07, 2013 11:22 PMTags
Elle Fanning, Dakota FanningHan Myung-Gu/WireImage

We just looked up the weather in South Korea to make sure we weren't dealing with another Australia—you know, cold in the summer, hot in the winter. And, no, we weren't. It's currently about 19 degrees Fahrenheit during the day in Seoul. And yet, behold: Dakota and Elle Fanning in a pair of looks from spring/summer 2013.

If you think they both look freezing, now you know why.

The sisters were attending an event for the J. Estina clothing brand launch in Seoul, and while we have no technical quarrel with these looks we just really, really want a hot toddy. Or three.

Now it's your turn. Whose look is more likely to make your lips turn blue?


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