Ryan Lochte Reality Series Coming to E!: So What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Here Are a Few Predictions

London Olympic Games' breakout star will get a docu-series this spring

By John Boone Jan 07, 2013 10:03 PMTags
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Get your pink speedos and pop some bottles: Ryan Lochte is coming to E!

The Olympic's golden party boy will join the likes of the Kardashian family with a brand new docu-series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, debuting this April only on E! The six-episodes will follow the self-proclaimed King of Gainesville, Fla. as he looks for love, hits the pool and provides a goldmine of GIF opportunities along the way.

What else will Ryan Lochte do? Only time will tell. But we have a few predictions:

He'll dance.

He'll ponder the deeper meaning of life.

He probably won't do math (who cares! no one likes math!)

Hopefully some of this...

And this...

And definitely this.

And will we jeah?

Oh yeah, we'll jeah. So how about a jeah for the road? Make that three!