Princess Diana

The Caren Archives/ RR Auction

Last year was the year of scandalous photos of the Royals coming to light. And just days into 2013, could the trend continue, now that a "salacious" photo of Princess Di decreed "not to be published" has surfaced?

Not exactly, because the picture isn't very salacious at all. In fact, the photo—of a teenage Diana on a Swiss ski retreat, lying in bed while an unknown male friend reads nearby—is rather pretty and a rare glimpse into the life of a woman not yet a princess.

The history of the picture proves more interesting than the actual photo itself.

The Daily Mail acquired it on Feb. 26, 1981, just days after Prince Charles announced his engagement and Diana moved from her flat into Buckingham Palace. Years later, it was sold to The Caren Archives; the only reason we're seeing it now is because it's set to go up for auction (beginning Jan. 17 by New Hampshire-based RR Auction).

It's being marketed as a "salacious teenage image of the future princess."

"This would certainly not be the way the Royal Family would have wanted Diana to be presented at that moment," Eric Caren, owner of the Caren Archive, told the Daily Mail. "Given that two days before her engagement had been announced."

Pish posh! We like seeing the Royals looking so...normal. So, photographers of the world, more of this and less of the creepy hiding in the bushes until someone takes their top off. Deal?

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