Men In Black 3, Will Smith

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Every film these days seems to have its share of goofs.

And Men in Black 3 and Skyfall are no exception—especially the latter, which was nominated for a Producers Guild Award yesterday. is out with its annual roundup of the the top five most error-filled films, and the Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones sequel leads the list with 63 gaffes followed far behind by the critically acclaimed new Daniel Craig-as-James Bond thriller with 35.

Among MIB 3's worst fails are on the nitpicky continuity side, such as when Agent K (Jones) suspends Agent J (Smith), the small cup on the counter keeps changing positions and moving further away between shots.

Or when J and K fall off a roof holding onto a door, they land opposite one another only to be found lying next to each other a frame later from a different angle.

As for Skyfall, Bond fans may be shaken and stirred to learn Daniel Craig's 007 has an amazing ability to dry himself off instantly despite falling into icy water minutes before in the flick's finale. 

Among other notable gaffes: The martini-swilling superspy is drinking at a bar when he grabs a bottle that is 80 percent full and pours a small amount of booze into a glass only for the bottle to appear 20 percent full in the next shot; filmmakers use French license plates on vehicles for a car chase set in Istanbul; Bond is fighting atop a train and his footwear manages to change from black lace-up shoes to black slip-on ankle boots.

Rounding out the top five, The Dark Knight Rises tied The Amazing Spider-Man with 24 blunders for third and fourth place respectively while The Avengers had 22 slipups.

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