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Just as sure as we can count on people making resolutions in the new year, we can also bet on folks breaking 'em. And one of the first goals to often fall by the wayside is a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. After all, the last thing many of us want to do when we get home from work is whip up a homemade meal when a delicious slice of pizza is just a phone call away.

But as it turns out, you can get your daily dose of fruits and veggies delivered to your doorstep, too. Pressed Juicery offers home delivery of its vitamin and mineral-packed juice cleanse combos, so all you really have to do is chug your way to a healthier you in 2013. Nicole Richie swears by the concoctions, which combine ingredients like spinach, kale and other superfoods for a powerful dose of antioxidants (just in case aging gracefully was also on your list of resolutions).

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Richie, who was one of Pressed Juicery's first customers, has been known to sip on Greens 1 and 3 for a leafy lift, as well as the brand's coconut water and Roots 2, 3 and 4 blends. But if you crave a more fruity flavor, there are also plenty of sweet watermelon or strawberry-based juices to choose from. 

And as an added incentive, Pressed Juicery is offering free coast-to-coast shipping and a reduced rate on a three-day cleanse until Jan. 8.

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