Bitch Stole My Giraffe Boots: Brandy vs. Miley Cyrus in Tom Ford

Well, OK, they're anaconda knee-highs, but which story would you rather believe?

By Leslie Gornstein Jan 02, 2013 8:25 PMTags
Brandy, Miley Cyrus Kevin Winter, Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images

We've been depressed ever since we first saw Miley Cyrus step onto a Hollywood stage wearing what looked like a pair of hollowed-out baby giraffe necks as leg warmers.

But you know who else has no problem wearing such things? Who has no qualm about taking a highly endangered baby animal and using it as a shin guard? Brandy, is who. The singer just wore the same stompers for a performance on New Year's Eve in New York.

Well, OK, full disclosure: The boots in question are genuine anaconda, not newborn giraffe. And they're made by Tom Ford, not some beady-eyed poacher lurking in the African veldt.

But the real question is: Who wore them best? Tell us below!


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Who wore these anaconda boots better?
Miley Cyrus