Rihanna, Chris Brown, Instagram


Rihanna and Chris Brown had a "thug life" Christmas and a sleepy New Year's too.

The tumultuous twosome remained low-key for their actual NYE celebration (surprisingly enough) but couldn't pass up the opportunity to sorta-subtly inform everyone that they definitely woke up together the next day.

"Good morning! Still haven't slept lol #hello2013," the "Diamonds" songstress wrote on her Instagram today, including a picture of her eyes peering out from underneath a black-and-white polka dot comforter.

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The same polka dot comforter that (cue dramatic music) appeared in Brown's Instagram, simply titled "Mornings," that showed a view of the pad (complete with a throne, typical) from his bed. It doesn't take a genius to connect one and two.

The duo's rekindled romance may be "Nobody's Business," but, as they say, an Instagram is worth a million words! Guess we can look forward to another year of these two basking in their own controversy. 

Which, BTW, Rihanna, we have a 2013 resolution suggestion for you. If you're still looking for one.

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