Jacob Nicholas Kulke, Taylor Swift

Adams County; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A swift end to the case involving Taylor Swift's knife-wielding intruder.

Attorney Sean McKinney confirms to E! News that Tennessee prosecutors decided not to press charges against his client, Jacob Kulke, the 24-year-old man who was arrested earlier this month after attempting to break into the singer's Nashville, Tenn., home. (Swift was not at her residence at the time.)

McKinney says he spoke with Swift's representatives on Thursday morning and all parties thought it was best not to press forward with the case. However, prosecutors do have a full year to decide if they want to reopen the case if new evidence or information arises.

McKinney added that it was a culmination of reasons as to why he was able to get the charges dropped. First, Swift did not have any "No Trespassing" signs posted. Also, Kulke was under the impression he was allowed to go onto the property after allegedly being told by the guards at the house that he could do so.

Kulke's lawyer noted that Swift's camp "did not see him as a threat" and prosecutors thought the case wasn't worth wasting taxpayers' dollars.

"He is delighted," McKinney says about Kulke, whom he describes as a big Swift fan. "He wanted to prove that he didn't trespass and he is thrilled."

Meanwhile, on a side note, Kulke has an upcoming court appearance on Jan. 29 as he fights extradition back to Colorado. McKinney says Kulke has a few probation violations including burglary back in his home state.

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