The end of the year is a time for reflection, family, and making lists of things that happened in the last 12 months. Since we usually pass over those first two, we decided to really take the list thing seriously.

As such, we're going through the 12 most popular posts on this year. Mind you, they're not the "best" posts, just the ones you crazy people clicked on the most. We love you, but we will never understand you.

#4: Michelin Star Cake

Now don't get distracted by the Skoal-infused tuna casserole and Mountain Dew soaked-hot wings. You still have some skid-marked cake to shove in the face of the love of your life.

Tire Cake Soup X2

I'm just impressed they were able to transport this in a homemade ATV. Savor this moment, before Larry The Cable Guy pops out.

via i am bored

NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: According to our tracker, this cake was viewed 3,000 times, and only by Guy Fieri.

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