Rita Ora

Charley Gallay/WireImage

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Rita Ora is wearing exactly the right outfit for the Mayan apocalypse.

Behold her grandmother's drapes fashioned into a comfortable dress—flowy as to let a nice breeze in when the gates of hell come burning up from the pavement, yet layered enough to double as a rain jacket when the plague of rain hits.

Then there are those truly ingenious calf cages. They appear to be durable, which will come in handy when she needs to crawl through underbrush to escape the captors, but also revealing in a way where she could use her raw sex appeal to trick men out of relinquishing the last of their food rations.

Well played, Rita. When the end of days hits, we'll be inviting you into our bunker. (No peplum or jumpsuit clad survivors need apply.)

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