Reese Witherspoon, Airport Style

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If you're packing up and heading out of town, we encourage you to do so with style!

Schlepping overpacked suitcases and juggling one too many accessories or gadgets can certainly cramp any trendy jet-setter's mood, so we've rounded up a few fashionable (and functional!) essentials to streamline your airport adventure. 

Reese Witherspoon, like countless celebs, sports oversize sunglasses while zipping in and out of security lines—a smart strategy to conceal puffy eyes after deplaning a red-eye flight or adding a touch of sophistication to a cozy outfit.

In addition to a chic pair of sunnies by Dita Eyewear, we also recommend adorable Juicy Couture fluffy earmuffs that double as headphones, a luxurious Tiffany & Co. passport cover to keep official documents polished and pretty, and an incredibly versatile tube scarf by Cosabella (that just so happens to multi-task as an edgy hooded tunic, a sexy maxi dress, an off-the-shoulder top and so much more!) 

As for a sensible and stylish traveling outfit, you can't go wrong with Bleulab's reversible legging jeans (dark denim on one side, black coated leather on the other!) for making the most of your suitcase space; as well as an elegant and ultra-soft faux wrap top by Kain Label and a chic pair of leopard-print ballet flats by Corso Como for comfort and glamour. Pack it all into Deux Lux's sturdy weekender bag, a colorful carry-on that won't get lost in the shuffle. 

These smart essentials will seriously simplify your life so you can sit back and enjoy the journey!


What do you normally wear while traveling?

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