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It's the (supposed) end of the world tomorrow, and we've been offering up suggestions of TV episodes to watch before the apocalypse all week long. If you missed the first 10, well, you don't have much time to go back and watch 'em all, but it's a doable feat.

Of you can just check out the last five episodes, which include tearjerkers, musicals and a science fiction classic. For your perusal, the final five episodes you must see before the world ends tomorrow:

1. Star Trek, "Balance of Terror": Of course we had to have Star Trek on here. Not only did this episode introduce the Romulans for the first time, but it was a perfect cat-and-mouse game in space that showcased Kirk's (William Shatner) ability to outwit opponents. And it ended on a tone that still rings true today concerning war, with the Romulan commander saying to Kirk before he self-destructs his own ship: "In a different reality, I could have called you friend."

2. Sex and the City, "My Motherboard, My Self": Do you feel like sobbing like a baby before the world ends? Then cue up this episode of the HBO hit series, because it's a doozy. Especially if you are partial to stories about friendship, or stories about mother-daughter relationships. The moment that gets us every single time is when Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) starts to break down while walking behind her mother's funeral procession out of the church. She is single, so she has no husband to help comfort her during the walk, so when Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) sees her friend start to lose it, she darts out from her place in the pew to walk beside Miranda. Ugh, the tears!

3. 24, "Day 1: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.": When 24 came into our lives, we discovered a whole new way to watch and obsess over television dramas. And then the season one finale blew our minds with the genre-defying (at the time) killing off of a major character. We thought we would get the happy reunion of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), his wife (Leslie Hope) and his daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert). Instead, 24 has Teri die in Jack's arms from a gunshot wound. 24 taught us with that episode that nothing is safe when it comes to television shows.

4. Scrubs, "My Musical": Scrubs never got the love and recognition it deserved, although this particular episode did win an Emmy for Outstanding Directing and was nominated for four others. Somehow, this comedy managed to make a musical episode without coming off as gimmicky, and we got the eternal classic about male friendship, "Guy Love," performed by stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison.

5. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, "Grave Danger": In case you ever wondered what an episode of one of the most successful TV franchises ever would look like if Quentin Tarantino got his hands on it, CSI gave us the season five finale "Grave Danger." Not only was it filled with twists and turns, but the CSI team had one of their own in grave danger, literally. Nick Stokes (George Eads) is kidnapped and buried alive, and the team has to get to him before he runs out of oxygen. It's not only a great episode in terms of forensics and crime-solving, but it added the personal touch of the team working together to find their own. When Grissom (William Peterson) finally finds Stokes, it's a triumphant and touching moment that we wouldn't mind viewing before the apocalypse.

There you have it, folks: 15 amazing episodes of television you must see before the world ends tomorrow. Of course, this isn't a be-all end-all list. Tell us your own suggestions in the comments, and enjoy the end-of-the-world parties!

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