Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Anchorman


Breaking news: Put down the scotchy scotch scotch and Sex Panther cologne, and pay attention.

After anxiously waiting for months and months, the extremely, highly anticipated Anchorman 2, has a release date—and that is a scientific fact.

Judd Apatow, producer of the sequel, tweeted Wednesday, "One year from tomorrow Anchorman 2 will be in theaters!! It is kind of a big deal."

And if that doesn't convince you, Ron Burgundy himself chimed in Thursday morning, "My friends at Paramount told me to say how proud they are to announce that Anchorman 2 will release on December 20, 2013."

Did you get that? Dec. 20, 2013, is the big day; now go write that in one of your many leather-bound books.

E! News confirmed back in March that the film was going to be made into a sequel, and that the man himself, Ron Burgundy, er, Will Ferrell, was slated to return to his anchor chair. 

Joining him will be the Action4 News team Steve CarrellPaul Rudd,Christina Applegate and David Koechner, with a rumored guest spot by Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig (as if this could get any better!).

So how awesome will Anchorman 2 be? Well, a leaked teaser trailer for the upcoming film was released in May and promised a "jean-creamin' time."

Does that answer your question?

(Originally published on Dec. 19, 2012, at 9:39 p.m.)

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